Consequences of Improper Pitched Gutters

The power of the rain.

When it starts raining outside an incredible amount of water beats down on the roof of your house. Your house principally does the job of protecting your house and everything in it from this rain. Most roofs are sloped in order that the water can run off and prevent heavy collections of rainwater gathering in pockets all over the roof. If this were to happen the roof can become severely damaged and eventually holes will form where the rainwater once was (it would now be underneath the hole that has formed).

The damage that rainwater can cause.

If left to it’s own devices the rain water would run down the sloped roof and subsequently continue to pour down the wall of the house passing over window frames, windows, door frames, doors and possibly onto the damp proofing at the bottom of the house. Here it would collect in puddles that would take a long time to evaporate. All in all this would cause damage to the structure of your house, it can rot away wooden window and door frames and cause cracks in paving amongst other problems. During winter this damage does not take long to manifest itself and can cause further damage itself.

What drainpipes do.

The gutter and down pipes are there to prevent this from occurring. They collect the rainwater once it has reached the end of its descent. From there the slight slope in the guttering will encourage the rain water into the down pipe, subsequently carrying it down into the drain and safely away.

The effects of improperly pitched gutters.

The effect of having improperly pitched gutters can have a similar effect, and in some cases it can be even worse. Improperly pitched gutters that are pitched away from the wall with even a slight gap is the equivalent of having no gutter whatsoever and you will face similar problems. However if you have improperly pitched gutters that cause all the rain water to collect in one area, this rainwater is then likely to run down one area of the wall.

Instead of all the rainwater from one day or one week being spread over the whole wall it is now being concentrated in just one area. The power of the water can erode the brickwork and the cement work causing serious structural damage and internal damp and rot. Both of these occurrences will cost you a lot more to right than having your drainpipe fixed or even having your improperly pitched gutters completely ripped down and replaced.

The dire consequences of improperly pitched gutters.

Improperly pitched gutters can end up costing you a very large amount of money and it is important that you regularly check that everything is running smoothly. You can easily tell whether a gutter is pitched properly by watching when it rains. However, you should have it checked regularly when you have your roof checked to make sure that the water isn’t running back into the roof because this will also cause serious damage and it is difficult to tell unless you know what you are looking for.

Checking Your Gutter Prevents Summer Time Problems

(ARA) – Gutter maintenance is something homeowner’s tend to think about only after a problem occurs. They may soon discover that poorly functioning rain gutters can cause many problems, including foundation erosion, basement leaks and rotten fascia boards. During the warmer months, it is a good idea to check your home’s gutter system for damages from ice and snow, heavy rains or clogged debris. If gutter inspections aren’t your forte, whole gutter systems can be replaced with the modern gutter system.

Once you’ve decided to tackle the job of inspecting your gutters, find a sturdy ladder to support you. If you have permanently installed gutter screens or gutter guards, they may be difficult to observe from the ground. It’s a good idea to check each run of gutters from a ladder, to make sure they are clean and free of debris before making any repairs. If your downspouts also have screens at the top, clear them as well, or replace the screens if they’re damaged.

While inspecting your gutters, you may find that over time, the spikes that hold the aluminum to the fascia board have loosened. Either drive the loose spikes back into place, or replace them with longer ones for improved support. Downspouts and other fittings can also be pulled away by snow and ice and may need to be reattached. Gutter neglect can also result in leaks. Most leaks occur at a joint and can be repaired with rubber tape or self-adhesive tape. The patches should be placed a few inches on either side of the leak area.
If you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner and the thought of tall ladders makes you queasy, the modern gutter system, known as the Rainhandler, turns do-it-yourself into done-for-you. Rainhandler’s unique louver design converts a stream of rainwater into a two-to four-foot wide swath of droplets that are absorbed by shrubs and lawn beyond the eaves.

Rainhandler provides a maintenance-free gutter system for homeowners and creates other benefits. According to the company’s VP Operations, Bob Zuklie, the single biggest problem of homes with no gutters or clogged gutters is ground erosion. Ground erosion can undermine a home’s foundation and cause structural damage, undermine walks and driveways and create safety hazards. Not only does the dispersion of water prevent ground erosion, it allows the transformation of what might otherwise be a torrential downpour of rain streaming from old gutters into a gentle distribution of water droplets, protecting shrubbery and flowers below.

The design of the product’s aluminum louvers also permits leaves and debris to simply blow away, since there is no gutter-like container. These louvers also prevent potentially damaging ice build-up from forming in gutters and eventually leaking into your home. “I used to have a problem in the winter with my conventional gutters with ice build up over my bow window and then the water backing up and running into the living room,” explained a Warwick, Rhode Island resident. “The problem has been solved since I installed the system.”

Roofing Disasters and How to Avoid Them

The roof on your home is the first line of defense against the elements of nature, such as high winds, heavy rain, sleet and snow. Conducting a complete inspection-inside and out-each spring can help avoid costly problems later on. Look for these key danger signals that indicate your roof is not adequately protecting your home:

• Water, water, anywhere?-A home inspection should start with a check for leaks in the attic. This can occur and be most obvious after heavy, driving rains. Also walk through each room of the house and inspect walls and ceilings. Ceiling spots can be another warning sign your roof needs repairs. And peeling of interior or exterior paint or wallpaper, sometimes from excessive moisture or high humidity, can be a sign of possible inadequate attic ventilation. If more ventilation is needed, it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to install-even if you don’t need a new roof.

• Crack down on cracks-The most common leak sources on the outside include cracks in flashing around the chimney and vents, or worn-out, decayed or missing shingles. Check your gutters for debris, including granules in the gutter. If you find an excessive amount of granules, it may indicate aging shingles that should be replaced. While up there, check for any missing, cracked or curled shingles. These should be replaced quickly to avoid structural damage to your roof deck and the interior of your home. If any shingles are blistered, decayed or “dirty looking,” they need to be replaced, too.

If you find any of these potential problems and are in need of repairs, the first and most important step to take is to find a competent roofing contractor.

Poorly installed or constructed roofing systems waste American homeowners billions of dollars every year, according to GAF Materials Corporation, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. Fortunately, most risks can be avoided with a professional roofing system that’s correctly installed, maintained and/or repaired.

GAF offers access to a database of factory-certified, prequalified roofing contractors. Every contractor is licensed and insured, and pledges to work on the homeowner’s roof as if it were its own.

How An Expert Gutter Cleaning Service Can Help Maintain Your Home

Some people tend to frown upon the idea of hiring an expert on gutter replacement and cleaning thinking that it is an unnecessary cost. However, the task of keeping the exterior of your home clean can be a strenuous task at times. Much of that has to do with the leaves and dirt that could accumulate in the gutters for months. Getting professional help can help make the process a lot easier and keep your home in tip-top shape. However, one question remains — are they worth the expense?

Now, most people have invested a lot of time and money in their home; it is essential to look after it as best as you can. One of the critical things that you are going to want to hang around and effort on is cleaning up the outside of your house. After all, it is the first thing that individuals see when they reach your home, so putting in the time to ensure that the outside of your home is clean will allow you to make an excellent impression on guests. You can ensure that your house is both gorgeous and well secured by checking that your gutters outside are clean and working as it should.

Repercussions of Clogged Gutters

Cleaning the gutters outside your home is an arduous task but one that must be done on a regular basis. Gradually, dirt, leaves, and other particles can accumulate in your gutter and trigger it to congest. Ignore the matter long enough, and you can end up with even more significant problems down the road.

Backed up seamless gutters can overflow, directing water under your roofing shingles or spilling over the sides. Complete rain gutters can likewise considerably alter the appearance of your home is outside and make it an eyesore. Clogged rain gutters can even sprout weeds! If you do not wish to handle these repercussions, hiring service providers that offer gutter cleaning in North Shore Sydney is an excellent idea. You will not have to get your hands filthy, and you can depend on the experts to remove all the dirt and leaves congesting your gutter.

Leaky gutters or rain gutters that aren’t draining well can cause damage to the siding on your home or trigger the paint on your house is outside to crack, chip, and peel. If you wait too long to handle these issues, you could end up with considerable damages to your property. If you notice a problem with your gutters, then you ought to call a gutter repair expert immediately. You desire rainwater to run off far from your house, and this is regularly difficult when your structure needs gutter repair work. Don’t take a chance with ruining the look of your home or producing significant issues like structural degeneration brought on by structure erosion or wood rot.