Aeon PTR liners (reinforced) are flexible membrane liners designed to meet the demands of the speciality tank market. These high performance liners offer ease of fabrication, outstanding life, excellent chemical resistance and meet certified pot-ability standards.

Aeon PTR liners are specifically formulated using the very latest Du Pont™ Elvaloy® technology, providing high molecular weight sheets that enhance product performance and extend product life.

Dupont Elvaloy technology is proven by many years of industrial applications particularly in the USA, utilising the latest Elvaloy technology which offers low volatility. Ease of compounding and manufacturing and ultimately a superior product to the end user

Combining the advantages of certified pot-ability and excellent chemical resistance, Aeon PTL and Aeon PTR are available in forms specially prefabricated to sort your needs.


Ideal for fabrication into tank liners or to tank manufacturers and purchasers as prefabricated liners, Aeon PTR in a 0.90mm gauge for tanks greater than 4m in height.


Aeon PTR Linersaeon ptr liners