ATM Tanks Group offer two options when cleaning industrial/commercial/domestic tanks: (1) Emptying your tank or (2) Retaining your water and using Divers.

It is important to have controls in place to mitigate the risks of tank dive cleans, particularly in water tanks above a million litres. Divers require confined-space training, scuba-dive qualification and working at heights certification, just to name a few. And there should always be at least one trained spotter keeping a consistent eye on surface bubbles. The diver should be wearing a harness, strapped to a safety rope, so that in case of an emergency the spotter can pull the diver up.It is also important to be aware of the safety legislation presiding in the applicable state/country. Clean/ repair dives should only be done by qualified and trained technicians.

More information on industrial liner cleans and tank cleaning and repairs is available from ATM Tanks Group.

ATM Tanks Group encourages businesses with large tanks to always employ professionally trained technicians to clean/repair tanks.

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