Spray On Liners are an environmentally friendly, water and corrosion proofing product designed for a wide range of protective coating applications. This spray application allows freedom of architecture with its ability to waterproof difficult shapes and corners, and creates a fully adhered, seamless barrier preventing tracking of water underneath. Large areas can be covered quickly, saving in labour costs.

Spray On Liners


Why Choose ATM Tanks Group for your Spray-on-Liner needs?

ATM Tanks Group (ATM) is the only company within the industrial water tank industry which has a building license to perform tank builds, modifications and maintenance. We use Spray-on-rubber for tank liners, dam liners, pond liners and corrosion repairs. With over 20+ years in the waterproofing industry, combined with ATM’s Quality assurance, WHS and EHS you can rest assured you’re working with the best when you’re working with ATM.

Most spray-on polyurethanes and polyurea projects vary widely in quality as they depend on the ability of installer. Improperly preparation can result in failure within days. Some installers cut corners to increase profit by applying materials too fast or using inferior and inadequacy material. Carefully check the reputation, experience, and ability of spray-on liner installers. Likewise check the tank liners are manufactured by reputable companies or simply contact the experts at ATM Tanks Group.

Spray On

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