ATM Tanks Group can supply and install our tank liners to site anywhere in Australia and the Pacific within a three week turn around.

ATM Tanks Group is the industry’s most reputable installer of industrial liners and provide up to 15 years warranty.  ATM Tanks Group ensures the highest quality management systems are maintained in strict accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and AS/NZS 4801 Occupational, Health & Safety Management System.

ATM Tanks Group has undertaken liner installs, repairs and refurbishments throughout Australia, including on Mines, Government Hospitals, Power Stations, Food Processing Companies, and more.

Tank liners can be fitted to concrete, brick, steel and poly tanks, corrugated iron and flat sheet steel.


Comparative look at Tank Liners vs Spray on Liners

Is it accurate to say that you are considering extending the life circle of your tank or reservoir? If this is the case, it’s important you take a look and compare bladder liners vs spray on liners.

Bladder Liners

These are embedded with a fabric to give a defensive boundary between the tank and the stored water. To guarantee they are custom-fit; bladder liners are composed, ensuring they match the measurement of the tank. Be that as it may be, a tank liner mistakenly fitted can cover and push through cracks in the wall of the tank. Any mistake in settling of the tank liner could prompt development, which could tear the leaking liquid and this can cause the tank to encounter serious damage. Also, there is the likelihood of corrosion which can take place if the bladder permits the collection of water between it and the tank when not drained.

In reality, bladder liners are strong, however they can be cut by sharp objects. The cut by sharp objects can give room for moistures to get in the middle of the liner and the tank. On the other hand, this issue can be surmounted when you pick a decent installer and ensure that constant support and maintenance are always taking place. At ATM, we give you up to fifteen (15) years guarantee on both supply and execution; however, this is liable to normal tank upkeep.

Shower on liners

These sorts of liners utilise a defensive covering including polyurethane or rubber. This rubber is usually sprayed just like a paint. At the point when it’s properly connected, the benefit of splash liners is that it can make durable water available and provide impermeable security. At the point of developing into a permanent bond and the bed’s surface, the lining hinders corrosion and rust and also protect against movement. Then again, the cost is like PVC tank liners for spray on rubber or around four times more than tank liners for polyurethane. This obviously, depends on the drawn out procedure of surface arrangement.

In real sense, what we are attempting to say is that the most part comes down to the installer’s capacity to give quality guarantee; and that the reality of comparing both.



Regarding expenses, the most popular ones are LDPE liners, PVC liners, and HDPE liners. There are those that provide effective and low cost installation and supply when in comes to applications, for example, the Pond liners.

Previously, there were designs in the past that were not good enough. These faults led to problems in design and installations ventured by many tank firms. As a result of this error, there were failure in installation within five (5) years.

Now, people are beginning to see things the way we see them as a result of our accomplishment and high status; yet they all lack the experience to carry out research in order to solve problems. At ATM, we just don’t give you competitive prices, we likewise offer updates, new tanks that are accompanied by sincere service life, guarantee, and tank liners. We also make the provision and installation of HDPE Liners available. We also spray rubber that has been applied such as; Butyl rubber liners, Butyl elastic liners, Eon PTR Liners and  PVC liners.

We offer supply and supply/install options. For more information please call the friendly sales team at ATM Tanks Group on (02) 8006 1703, (07) 3040 2291 or click on the enquire now button and one of our professional team members will respond within 24 hours.